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  • You have missed opportunities for upselling.
  • You spend too much labor time invoicing jobs.
  • You lose track of parts and tools.
  • You have late or missed inspections.
  • You have unorganized or lost paperwork.
  • You don’t reliably track your techs time.
  • You lose track of your customers’ deficiencies.
  • You don’t know where your techs are at all times.
  • You have mistakes and incorrect information on reports.
  • You settle for inspection reports that aren’t what you want.
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  • Aries automatically pulls any deficiencies from your report and converts them into a quote.
  • Aries will automatically invoice for all completed inspections and work orders.
  • Aries will track parts and tools in your warehouse as well as on the techs vehicles.
  • Aries will remind you of every job you have for the month.
  • Aries organizes your reports, work orders, and quotes by customer, category, and in chronological order.
  • Aries tracks the time your techs spend working, driving, on break and misc tasks.
  • Aries will track the status of each deficiency from quote to completion.
  • Aries utilizes a GPS system embedded in our mobile app.
  • Aries allows you to edit a PDF report after it has been completed.
  • Aries has a custom report builder to give you precisely the report you’ve been wanting.

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How Aries Works



Open our mobile application on any tablet or smartphone and answer a series of questions on the screen.



Aries takes that information and instantly generates a completed inspection report.



The report is emailed to you and your customer as a PDF before your techs even leave the job site. Then saves it to our cloud database.


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