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Why Choose Aries

You need software tailored to your industry. Aries fire alarm inspection software was designed specifically for fire protection companies.

You're tired of using many different pieces of fire sprinkler inspection software to run your business. Aries combines them all into one.

You don't want to be limited on what mobile devices you can use. Aries fire safety inspection software can be used on Apple, Android, and Windows.

You don't want your fire inspection reporting software to cost you money. Aries will not only pay for itself, but it will also increase your profits.

What Sets Us Apart

Comprehensive Inspection Coverage

Our software covers 17 different report categories, including a Quote form for sales and a Work Order form for repairs.

User-Friendly Reporting

Aries doesn't require extensive training. Even non-technical users can easily create and understand comprehensive inspection reports.

Mobile Accessibility

Inspectors can use our software in the field on any device type, not limited to a specific platform.

Customization Options

Predefined checklists for ease of use, with the flexibility to tailor inspection questions to match specific needs and standards.


Reports are NFPA and Joint Commission compliant, strictly based on NFPA standards. Adopts all Joint Commission requirements for compliance.

Precise Inspection and Testing

Built specifically for fire protection companies, our platform is ready to use without the need for extensive tweaking.

See How Aries Can Save You Money


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How many techs do you have?

Step: 2

What is the average number of jobs each tech will do in a day?

Step: 3

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Step: 4

What is the hourly wage of techs?

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How it Works

Open our application on any tablet or smartphone and answer a series of questions on the screen.
Aries takes that information and instantly generates a completed inspection report.
The report is emailed to you and your customer as a PDF before your techs even leave the job site. Then saves it to our cloud database.

Fire Inspection Software

Aries is a cloud-based software platform that allows you to run your entire fire life safety business. From inspections and testing to quotes and repairs, Aries is the most comprehensive software on the market.

Fire Inspection Reports

You’ve been looking around for software and you know you want to create reports from a mobile device. But do you know everything else your company could use? Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it. Take a look around our website and see all the ways Aries can improve your business.

What Our Clients Say

We spent six months looking for a feature filled, cost effective, and cloud based fire alarm inspection software. It needed to work on Windows, Android, and Apple products to assist us with inspecting our fire detection, notification, and suppression systems. One of our biggest challenges with finding a good software solution is the sheer size and complexity of our systems, our campus has the largest fire alarm network in the world.
The Aries fire alarm test and inspection software from FireLab and the support we have received from Rich Oldenburg and his team has met all of our unique needs.
Facilities Management Fire safety Manager

University of Arizona

I’m writing with enthusiasm to recommend the services of FireLab. Our Company has been using the Aries fire extinguisher inspection software provided by FireLab for years. We have utilized every tool the software offers, in order to keep track of our services due, and keep a complete record of services rendered. Aries is user friendly, especially from the technician’s stand point. It generates reports for our customers that simplifies the fire protection process and records all services performed, making it easy for our clients to keep thorough documentation. The reports and data that Aries provides sets us apart from all our competition.
We find the company to be of great value and a powerful asset. I’m happy to recommend the software of FireLab.
General Manager

Code-3 Fire Safety

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Fire inspection software is a digital tool designed to streamline and organize the process of conducting fire safety inspections, preparing sales quotes, and making repairs to fire life safety systems. It provides inspection reminders, tracks inventory and timesheets, as well as manages deficiencies. It also monitors inventory in the warehouse and on your vehicles.
Fire inspection software is essential for businesses who ensure compliance with safety regulations because we provide the rails for compliance. Using Aries will reduce errors made by techs, prevent incomplete data on reports, and give you the peace of mind that each inspection you perform meets regulatory standards.

The best software should work on any mobile device, it should work with or without Internet or cellular connection, and it should be made by fire protection experts.

Software will benefit your organization in many ways. But there are two benefits that rise above the others. The first, is that will make sure that your techs are performing their inspections correctly. The second, is that it will generate more monthly income for your company.

Software simplifies the inspection process and reduces the data entry time to complete reports.

Software facilitates Inspections, Testing, and Maintenance by establishing routine tests and repairs, to maintain operational status of these systems. Aries won’t let you forget an inspection or a repair that needs to be made for any of your customers.